Proxy setting on android
The purpose of a proxy server is to spoof your IP address. This is necessary in order to maintain anonymity on the Internet. Thanks to this, you can hide your location and get access to those information resources that are officially blocked on the territory of the country or region.
In fact, such a proxy server acts as an intermediary. And those Internet resources, to which the user who uses a proxy server goes, "see" him under the intermediary IP address.
Here is a detailed description of how to set up a proxy on android.

Why set up proxy on android?

  • To organize mass mailing (spam).
  • Proxy allows you to view websites, social networks, photos, videos or read texts on those resources that are blocked on the territory of a whole country or a separate region.
  • To bypass IP address blocking in chats, forms, forums and channels.
  • To create several accounts on a certain network resource from one device. It is important to remember that many sites perceive setting up a proxy server as a prohibited action. If the resource administrators manage to identify the violator, they will take retaliatory measures. Most likely, they will prefer to configure access blocking according to even broader criteria
Besides, using a proxy when surfing the Internet via your phone allows you to save traffic and get a speed boost. What makes it happen?
1) Acceleration. When a user opens a new site on android - pictures, banners and other elements are loaded on the device. All this unnecessary "load" affects the speed of the phone on the network. If you connect through a proxy server - then all this data will also be downloaded. But - only once. Besides, they will be stored on the hard disk - in the cache, which also affects the speed, but not so much.
2) Saving traffic does not work in all cases. In brief - to activate this option via proxy you need one of these browsers: Opera Mini or UC Browser HD. If you make the right settings in the software - then the browsers will start passing traffic through their servers. And mobile devices with proxies will receive this information, but in a compressed form.

Connecting to a proxy and setting it up

There are three main ways to start a proxy server on android: with root access and without it. Let's go through the steps (instructions).
1) We have root access
In this case, download a utility called ProxyDroid (or a similar program). You can download and install the application through the usual Google Play.

Step 1: We have downloaded and launched ProxyDroid. Open the utility.
Step 2. In the "Address" line (in the program) enter our proxy - in the form of a set of numbers (there are 12 of them, grouped by 3 - through dots).
Step 3. In the "Port" line we write the digital address of the port.
Step 4. It is recommended to check the "Auto-connect" option so that you don't have to enter the same proxy settings next time.
Step 5. Go to the "Connected Network" section. Here we select the Wi-Fi points to which we are going to connect the device.
Step 6. We were able to configure everything. Now the smartphone will work with proxies enabled.
2) We don't have root access
Then to work with the proxy server we download another application - Drony.

Step 1. We have downloaded and launched the Drony application on Android.
Step 2. In the settings section we find our wi-fi, go to it.
Step 3. "Network Details" item - here enter: Proxy type, Port, Hostname, Password and Username.
Step 4. Connect to the network with the proxy enabled.
3) Paid way. There is a free test
To work with proxies download the application - Wireguard
Instructions on how to add a proxy to your phone or tablet:
Add your proxy on our site
We will generate a Wireguard config
Use your proxy on your phone. Detailed instructions
Free test
7 day
30 days
*To do this, register on our website


Do you have to use your proxy to create a Wireguard config?
You can use any ipv4 proxy format. It can be a mobile proxy, resident or server proxy. Write to our technical support, we will choose a proxy for your request
Will UDP be fully functional?
If your proxy supports UDP, the proxy on your mobile will too
Can I change the proxy?
Yes, there is an option to edit proxies on the site
Will it be possible to use WireGuard config on several devices at once?
Simultaneous Wireguard config operation is guaranteed for a single device. You can try to use the config on several devices
Config WireGuard does not work on Iphone
For Iphones, the WG config connection can be disconnected when you switch from Wi-Fi to a mobile network (or vice versa) or when you don't use the Internet for a long time. To prevent this from happening and keep the connection always active, configure the KillSwitch function in WireGuard. Settings of the added tunnel - edit - auto-connection must be active for wifi and mobile network
How do I install a proxy on my phone?
How to spoof DNS? (relevant for proxies with UDP support)
1. In the browser put on a proxy and open the site
2. Copy the IP in the "Your DNS Servers" block
3. Edit the configuration file in the wireguard application, substitute the IP in the DNS servers line